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Lexus/Toyota sc300/400 soarer/supra basic angle kit

Lexus/Toyota sc300/400 soarer/supra basic angle kit
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Our latest entry level angle kit consisting of our new front drop knuckle, extended adjustable outer tie rods and +25mm lower control arm. Improved tie rod location with two fixed Ackerman settings makes for an easy to install kit that can reach up to 55° of steering angle. Designed around our extended OEM style lower control arm, these knuckles have plenty of front strut to brake caliper clearance for big angle with stock or big brake kits. The knuckles have a built in 40mm drop to correct roll center and lowered and shortened tie rod location to increase steering angle and reduce bumpsteer. These front knuckles also feature a bolt on hub and stock brake mounting for use with any stock SC/supra discs and calipers or any big brake kit designed to fit a stock SC/supra knuckle. Front lower control arms have an adjustable lower strut location to increase or decrease motion ratio as well as retaining a stock sway bar mount. Control arms use a durable polyurethane bushings and a removable balljoint for increased serviceability. *Balljoints and hubs are sold separately, always use the highest quality parts available. Off-road or competition use only*