Bell Raceworks
$229.99 - $729.99

Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC300/400 Serviceable OEM-style Lower Front Control Arm

** 1-2 week lead time to ship**
Version 3 of our bolt in front lower control arms for Toyota Soarer and Lexus SC platform with provisions for bolt on replaceable balljoints *NOT INCLUDED* (pn-k9499) and polyurethane bushings . Includes an updated lower strut mount with swaybar end link mounting hole and multiple holes to fine tune the motion ratio of the strut. Precision cut and welded in house before being powder coated our standard metallic dark grey. Available in OEM length, +25mm, and +50mm extended arms (contact us for +50mm extended arms)

** Use of higher then necessary spring rates may result in damage to the front control arms and are not recommended**

**Arms purchased after 6/11/22 will now have our own bushings, these bushings are specific to v3 arms and will not fit older versions. Should you need bushings for older versions or to replace bushings for version 3 arms contact us via email at [email protected]**

**Always use the highest quality balljoints available, Bell Raceworks is not responsible for balljoint failure due to inferior quality parts**

**off road use only**

**Shipping to an APO may very, email us for a quote at [email protected]**